For Holidays and Events, Costume with Glowforge

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For Holidays and Events, Costume with Glowforge

Set your alter egos free with a Glowforge 3D laser printer! Maybe you’re gearing up to take the cosplay trophy at Comic-Con. Or maybe you’re the type of superhero who saves the day with a last-minute costume for the kindergarten Halloween parade. When you use a Glowforge to create your ensemble, you’ll be able to add that extra touch with professional-grade props and accessories that truly transport you to another world.

Level up your costume-making game:

  • Mix different fabrics, like leather, denim, cotton to add texture and depth
  • Add headpieces, wings, and other character props infuse your costume with even more authenticity.
  • Custom engrave your favorite pieces with character quotes, labels, or logos.

Meet Glowforge

The magical 3D laser printer that makes all these projects possible.

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